Monday, 7 February 2011

Rodial Body Sculpture and Boob Job- Results

Rodial Body Sculpture

Right so I started at a size 8, and finished at a size 8. 

I did not expect to loose cm's from this product, and if you're already fairly slim I would recommend you don't either! With applying this gel on my upper arms, thighs, obliques and stomach twice a day for 4 weeks, I felt a difference in firmness and texture of my skin. I incorporated running 3 times a week too so I'd say using this side by side with that really helped to tone me up, if at least just on the surface. Rodial Body Sculpture is aimed at cellulite too, and any that I did have, I couldn't see anymore. I'd say this is definitely worth a try if you need the surface of your skin  to look and feel smoother. It went down to half price in the January sales too so there might still be some out there cheap! Rodial have just come out with a new gel/cream formula called 'Crash Diet'. This is a 2 week treatment, to be applied after a little exercise so the body is warm. After your shower would be perfect. As far as I know this may replace Body Sculpture eventually, and from what I've heard from the rep- it gives even faster and more efficient results :)


Rodial's Boob Job- Results

Need I say more?

Nah, not really, I didn't see much of a difference in mine. That up there is a proper boob job which I wouldn't mind one day, and I think you're not gonna get much of a result unless you do the whole sha-bang. I think this product would be great for firmness of the breast, so maybe after breast feeding etc this could be an option. I found it a little annoying to apply, right after you've eaten twice a day. I probably could have been more timely with my applications but I wasn't going to carry it round and pop to the loo after every meal! So if you're going to spend £127 on this- apply as often and in the way that the manufacturer has stated. I've read some brilliant reviews on this cream so i'd say it's worth trying if your boobs are something you worry about. Let me know if any of you get results!

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