Monday, 7 February 2011

Rodial Body Sculpture and Boob Job- Results

Rodial Body Sculpture

Right so I started at a size 8, and finished at a size 8. 

I did not expect to loose cm's from this product, and if you're already fairly slim I would recommend you don't either! With applying this gel on my upper arms, thighs, obliques and stomach twice a day for 4 weeks, I felt a difference in firmness and texture of my skin. I incorporated running 3 times a week too so I'd say using this side by side with that really helped to tone me up, if at least just on the surface. Rodial Body Sculpture is aimed at cellulite too, and any that I did have, I couldn't see anymore. I'd say this is definitely worth a try if you need the surface of your skin  to look and feel smoother. It went down to half price in the January sales too so there might still be some out there cheap! Rodial have just come out with a new gel/cream formula called 'Crash Diet'. This is a 2 week treatment, to be applied after a little exercise so the body is warm. After your shower would be perfect. As far as I know this may replace Body Sculpture eventually, and from what I've heard from the rep- it gives even faster and more efficient results :)


Rodial's Boob Job- Results

Need I say more?

Nah, not really, I didn't see much of a difference in mine. That up there is a proper boob job which I wouldn't mind one day, and I think you're not gonna get much of a result unless you do the whole sha-bang. I think this product would be great for firmness of the breast, so maybe after breast feeding etc this could be an option. I found it a little annoying to apply, right after you've eaten twice a day. I probably could have been more timely with my applications but I wasn't going to carry it round and pop to the loo after every meal! So if you're going to spend £127 on this- apply as often and in the way that the manufacturer has stated. I've read some brilliant reviews on this cream so i'd say it's worth trying if your boobs are something you worry about. Let me know if any of you get results!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Lash Growth!

Retails at £76-£80

Lash growth/boosting/enhancing products are taking off massively. Most make-up brands now offer a lash booster treatment, either in their mascara or to apply first, and there are loads of independent companies specialising in these serums. 

Most are applied in the same way. The serum comes in a mascara-like tube with a liquid liner brush to apply it with. You paint the serum along the lash line as you would your liner, and ta da, you have longer, thicker lashes within a few weeks. 

I've been checking reviews on different ones and as usual, the more you pay, the better the result. This one's £76, which is pretty in the middle for a product like this. Some go up to around £200 so make sure you've researched what you're buying before paying that much, because from the reviews and what I've been so far, the medium price point ones do make a difference. 

I've applied it morning and night (a couple of times I've missed one or the other) for about 2 weeks now. My lashes feel stronger already! When I say 'stronger' I mean they had started falling out quite a bit and looked quite sparse, and now I don't have any problems with them. Also I've noticed a difference in volume, the actual amount of lashes and length. That's after 2 weeks! Plus- I've just asked my man to take a look and he said they're definitely longer :) 

The other lash serum I've heard is amazing is called Neu Lash. I'm pretty sure this one is only available in America but you can order online. I haven't tried this one yet but one of my customers uses it. Being about 60 years old, she didn't expect much of a difference at all. Her lashes look AMAZING. I've noticed a huge difference in length and thickness just from her coming in to store. I do her make-up quite often and from the first time she came in to now, they're like different lashes. I actually thought she'd had lash extensions. They have that amazing thing going on too, where they're longer at the outer edges than in the middle, so they really flick out at the sides. She highly recommends the product and is also only on her 2nd tube, the other lasting around 6 months. She wasn't vigilant with her applications either, she said she applied it when she remembered but not always every day. I need to try this serum!!!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sun Protection

Right, back off my holiday and time to review the products I promised!

I'll go over the Sun Protection and Aftersun that I used whilst I was away

Calypso Once A Day SPF 20

This retails at around £10 but I got mine for £4- go to Home Bargains!

I've tried once a day sunscreens before and don't know why I don't stick with them! I always go back to the Garnier Ambre Solair Bronzing Oil... I like my tan to be there straight away and with tanning oils I always get fast results. Probably because it's baking my skin more than it's protecting it... but will we ever learn? 
The Calypso was great. You literally need to apply it once (some say once but after swimming you need to re-apply, this one if you dry off in the sun or just dab-dry you don't need to) and you're done for the whole day. No carrying it round with you or getting greasy hands from having to re-apply every hour or so. Also, it's always annoyed me how when you've re-applied your sun lotion/oil, you can't touch your hair without it getting greasy. Once a day sunscreens definitely solve these 'problems'. The first time you apply this you apply all over, leave it for 10 minutes then apply once more. Every day from then on you only need to put it on once. The formula is like water, very runny and sinks into the skin straight away. Score. The smell isn't great, the main ingredient is alcohol so you do get quite a strong wiff of it, but this evaporates after like, not even a minute. 
So the tan. Not quite as intense as I'd  usually get after a week in the sun I must admit, but I do usually only use an SPF of 10-15! Also I usually do a few trips to the sunbeds (bad, I know) before a holiday which I didn't do this time. Working where I work, I've realised I won't have young skin forever and for the sake of not getting a slightly darker tan, I'd rather look after my skin a bit more. My tan seems like it will last much longer too, but I'll update on that. All in all, once a day's are brilliant. Lasts ages too, both Tom & I used our bottle for the week and it's practically still full. Recommended! 


But... Top of the range...

Instituit Esthederm, in my opinion, are top of their game in sun protection. The brand doesn't use any SPFs, as these put chemicals into suncreams, make-up and skincare. They believe that tanning is the best protection. Gaining a tan is the process of the Melanin in the skin rising to the surface to protect itself against burning, ageing and photo-sensitisation. Putting an SPF onto the skin does not do this, it only measures the risk of sunburn but not of the other two factors. That's where their advanced formulas come in. UV INCELLIUM technology helps trigger the skins natural ability to tan safely, and strengthens the skins own defences. With their suncreams, they recommend that you apply this as your daily moisturiser for a couple of weeks before your holiday to help get your skin ready to tan by bringing the melanin to the surface. Then on holiday, apply 20 minutes before exposure. These ones you do have to re-apply a few times a day, but it's not a bad thing as they leave the skin feeling amazing, better than some moisturisers I've used. The formulas aren't greasy either, which is always a plus. They are all UVA and UVB protective too which quite a lot of conventional sun screens aren't. Many of them just protect the skin from the UVB rays, where as it's the UVA rays that damage the skin on a much deeper level. You will not burn with these products! Pricey, but entirely worth it. 

I used their After Sun whilst in Egypt

This is a bit of a double usage product. Use during holiday and afterwards to maintain and even enhance your tan. Not the first after sun to enhance a tan but this contains no fake tan at all, it just continues to increase the melanin levels of the skin, darkening the tan. It sinks in gorgeously, has a lovely smell (as do the sun creams) and you're not worrying about washing your hands quickly so they don't get an orange tinge! After spending the day in the sun, this will calm any redness, soothe any burn (which you won't have if you've used their sun creams!) and the cellular water they put into the product energises the skin so skin is preforming at it's best. Loved this, it really works and I'm still using it as an everyday moisturiser. Instituit Esthederm is a pricey brand, but worth every penny. 


Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Few Things...

So recently I've tried a few new things

When my sister was here for Christmas she had a mascara that I really liked- Loreal Voluminous Mascara

This one retails at £9-£10 but I did find it quite hard to get... I'll get to that though.
So, I tried Katie's for a few days (thanks Katie!) and I loved it! Generally, I'm not a massive fan of 'volumising' mascara. I think I'd much rather have a mascara that does everything all in one as opposed to just giving volume. Boring. Voluminous though, does do pretty much everything you want it to. On application it didn't take long to get that full, dark, long lashed look that I personally always prefer. It didn't flake during the day, and it wasn't massively difficult to remove either. For the price, this is really good. 

Right, so when It came to buying this for myself it was a bit of a nightmare. Boots didn't have it, Superdrug didn't either. And I literally had no mascara with me. So in the end I opened a drawer underneath the other Loreal mascaras and found 2 Voluminous ones! These were in purple packaging so I'm not actually sure it was the same one, but I bought it in desperation. When I got this home, I opened it up and low and behold. The whole wand was dry. To the point where I thought i'd bought a comb mascara (hate those) until all the little bristles started unsticking. I have no idea how old that product was but there was no using it, so that went back. So, as of now I don't have this!! Annoying, but it'll be added to my make-up bag soon.


The Rodial! I'm still trying the Boob Job and Body Sculpture. So far I think I'm actually liking the Body Sculpture more. When applied this goes on like silk so you're not there forever massaging it in (because who has the time?) and also it feels like it's actually made a little bit of a difference. I've used it on the tops of my legs, stomach, obliques and the tops of my arms. Bear in mind I've used this in conjunction with running 3 times a week, but I do feel 'tighter' if that makes sense. My stomach has pretty much been constantly flat and that never, ever happens. I can only think it would have something to do with the Body Sculpture. Who knows with things like this but I think as long as you apply them as they say you'll probably see a difference in firmness at least.


I'm also trying Enormous Lash, Pro:Voke Touch Silver Shine Shampoo, Oribe Curl Definition Cream, Oribe Anti-Humidity spray and Natures Sunshine Rosemary and Horsetail tablets (great for problem skins). 

I'm off to Egypt on Wednesday so I'll do a big blog update when I'm back, including my review of some sun creams. I've just bought the Calypso once a day SFP 20, Instituit Esthederm After Sun and the Nars SPF lip balm. Look forward to a huge product haul! 

Lots of love!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Slimming & Plumping!

I've just started a slimming treatment. Okay I'm a size 8, but everyone has their areas for improvement and I thought why not. With a holiday looming in January (what girl likes getting her body out while she's pale) I thought I'd see what slapping some creams on can actually do.

I really need to take all my measurements and I promise I will, but I'm only 2 days into it. Unless it's an absolute miracle, I'll upload my sizes soon!


So first up is the Rodial Body Sculpture at £95

This product is mostly targeted towards cellulite but also claims to reduce the hip and thigh area by 'up to' 1cm in a month. Sounds pretty impressive to me. I'll be honest, I'm not bothered by my hips and thighs too much, could do with smoothing over I guess so we'll see what it can do there. I'm mostly wanting to target my upper arms and love handles! Hopefully it'll do some toning if nothing else. With slimming/anti-cellulite potions and lotions I'd say I'm pretty dubious. I have the attitude that if you massage any cream into problems areas in upwards motions twice a day you'll see a difference. I might do a little test with a couple of months in between and see if I'm right there. 

Back to Rodial. The formula of this is lovely. It's a lilac gel, which sinks into the skin leaving a silky finish so you're not there forever massaging. Who has the time? Smell is great, as long as you don't mind a soft lavender scent! I like it. Size is good (but we'll see if it lasts the whole 4 weeks you're supposed to do it for) 200ml should be enough though. 

So the claims-

Breaks down fatty deposits and by doing so reduces cellulite 
Stimulates your lymphatic drainage
Firms, Tones, Tightens
Reduces hips/thighs by up to 1cm in a month

That's a lot to claim so I'll keep you updated with measurements etc. I do run 3 times a week and walk a couple of miles a day so I am pretty active, and all slimming treatments wether it be a herbal remedy or a cream like this, will seem to work more efficiently and noticeably with a little help from you. You can't expect it to do it all I guess. 


I've tried a bottle of this before but it was a pretty old tester. From that one they did feel fuller and firmer but they do tend to do that a couple of times a month anyway. Nothing was permanent. So I've now got a brand new bottle and started over. I could go into detail about my boobs but lets just leave it at that they're smallish, and fairly perky. As expected, being 19! I'm hoping to see notice the size change a little at least as this product does promise an increase of up to half a cup size. 

Basically this gel/cream hybrid formula works by taking the fat from your food an concentrating it on one area. It doesn't go into your boobs and magically insert silicone, but it does work on top of the skin and the fatty layer beneath. It's got a few pretty impressive ingredients derived from Asian plant roots and Myrrh Resin. These are the ones that work on the fatty layer under the skin and increase the fat storage there. 

Reviews are pretty good for this product. I had a lady in who had lost a few stone and used this all the time, she said it changed her boobs completely. They were huge! She said she didn't used to have any! I'm not sure it was entirely the Rodial which did this or if she was a bit of a fibber, but hey she bought more, and at £125 a bottle I guess she must think it did something. Online reviews are generally good too, most saying they did feel an increase in size and/or firmness. Again though, if you rubbed any cream in twice a day religiously would they feel firmer anyway?

We'll see. 

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Mascara, Cleanser & Lip Balm- As promised

I've tried ALOT of Mascaras.

To keep it simple, here are my two favourites. At the moment!

This is amazing. Retailing at £31 it isn't the cheapest but this tube will last 6 months as you get double the amount than normal, and that's without drying out. The thing that's different about this mascara is the blend of natural waxes and rosewater. It provides thickness, volume, length, curl... and it doesn't drop. Ever. The rosewater gives it a gorgeous rosey- surprising?!- smell, unlike most other (if not all) mascaras i've tried which tend to have a gluey smell about them. If you think about it it makes much more sense to natural rosewater and waxes near your eyes rather than something that absolutely stinks of chemicals. Don't you think?

Anyway. You get the jist. The only thing with this one, I do find it's slightly better layered over another mascara. So if you've got a crappy one on from the days wear, or even a bit left from the night before (heaven forbid) it's great over the top. Doesn't clump, and it really does give that false lash effect. Hence the... 'Faux Cils'. 

The Chanel Inimitable Mascara is around £21.50 

Really really love this. Rubber wand, which I did always think was the way forward and 'the only way to do mascara' until I tried the Faux Cils. This one though got it really right. All in one again, volume length and curl, it also separates amazingly well but still gives that really built up finish. Stays on well and I did actually go swimming with this on and it was fine. Granted I didn't go out of my way to dunk my face in and rub my eyes but for minor splashes etc it's got good staying power. Highly recommend this.



It really does depend on your skin. Message me if you have any queries about yours and i'm sure i'll be able to point you in the right direction!

At the moment I really like-

£30. Good price point. 100ml of product. This is a Miracle balm, so you can use it for pretty much anything. It's another balmy formula- my favourite, so it balances out any skin type. Oil cleanses oil so you might think if you break out this wouldn't be the right cleanser for you. Try it, it will remove the impurities from blemishes, take the oil from your skin where you don't need it and put on in where you do. All-In-One goodness. This one's base is Moringa Balm which is full of vitamins A and C, Proteins, Potassium (3x more than a banana), Zinc- Basically everything that's good for your skin. It enhances the skins radiance and that's just the Moringa! Emma has packed in other essentials that the skin needs so it's pretty much perfect. Try this as a cleanser, a moisture mask, spot treatment, rescue balm, cuticle and nail balm... I even used it today on a lady who had had an awful reaction to something and had red blotchy raised skin (for a month!). Cleansed her with it (removing with just the micro-fibre side of the cloth) then massaged a thin layer all over. She came back an hour later and was amazed, as she'd tried everything. 

Basically you get a finger full, massage it between your fingers, add a bit of water to emulsify then massage onto a dry face. This removes all make-up so don't miss out your eyes. Once that's done you just dampen one of her muslin cloths to remove the balm, then flip the cloth over to the micro-fibre side to buff the skin. On this side each one of the micro-fibre hairs are a 16th of the size of one of your pores, so it feels like it's not doing much but then you take a look at your cloth! Her cloths in my opinion are better than the Eve Lom. They have the added buffing side and seem to take less effort to remove make-up with the muslin side. And a pack of 3 for £10 isn't bad! 


Lip Balm

The only one I use often is- Eve Lom Kiss Mix £12.50
This is the official info- 
First aid for sore, chapped lips, this treatment can be used year-round to keep lips moisturised and protected from UV rays and biting winds. Zinc oxide comforts dry lips and acts as a natural sunscreen, while menthol cools and freshens. Kiss Mix can also be used under lipstick as a moisturising base and over it to add shine. Its natural, subtly glossy finish makes it perfect for both men and women.
And it really does all of that :)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Update Soon

I'll be posting again soon! Next one's about the best mascara, cleanser and lip balms x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Must have make-up!

Where to start?


It's not for everyone, but I do love a bit of mineral foundation. It's quick, easy, buildable and gives me a flawless finish. 

I used to use Loreal True Match mineral powder which was great. It's something like £14 max, and used to last me about 3-4 months a pot. I might go back to that one at some point, even just to wear daily and then use my Laura Mercier (my mineral foundation of choice) for going out. The Loreal mineral foundation does the job but the Laura Mercier gives a slight glow to the skin which gives you that airbrushed finish :)

I've tried a lot of mineral foundations. Since trying them, I've gone off the feel of liquid foundation on my skin and have found that you just can't beat the coverage of minerals. Mineral foundations have a few benefits... 
Non-comedogenic (none pore blocking)
Made of natural elements which help clear the skin of toxins
Stable- longer shelf life

I'll review a few.

The Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals. Retails at around £5 which is the cheapest of the lot, and is actually surprisingly good! I've used this as an everyday foundation and it really works. I'd recommend this- it does the job. It is supposed to give the skin a 'luminous glow' which I didn't notice massively but who wants an overly-glowy face? 

The Revlon Colour Stay isn't great... No where near as much coverage as the usual mineral foundation which was a little disappointing. I think I bought this for about £12. It's a very fluffy formula which made me doubt it straight away. When looking at a mineral foundation it can't look too fluffy, it just won't sit or stay on the skin. You need something with a little more weight to it that will adhere to the skin well and is able to be buffed in without buffing off. 

Bare Minerals. £22. This brand has a massive following. Not sure why. The foundation's formula is lovely, colours are pretty good but for me, it takes too much work to apply. This doesn't seem to go on quite as seamlessly as others, and requires a hell of a lot of buffing. It's okay and does eventually do the job but it's average in my opinion, and you can get a better result from the Collection 2000! 

The Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation is my personal preference. Retails at £30 (the price is justified) and does everything a foundation should do. I get the most compliments when wearing this, and it lasts a long time. This one comes in a compact too rather than just the loose version, which is handy for travel or if you're just lazy like me and can't be doing with any mess. There are crushed pearls in the powder which I think is what makes it so perfect as the pearls buff onto the skin in such a way that your skin is left looking luminous, but not overly, and flawless. The only thing I'd say about it is that it's far better when applied with a stiffer brush. Something with quite strong bristles which are packed compactly together bring this foundation to it's full potential. I used to apply it with a finishing brush but you get AMAZING coverage with one like I've just described. Try the Laura Mercier Face Brush or the By Terry Cheek Brush (amazing for any foundation, liquid- even better). Both of these really buff the product onto the skin well. I'll do a detailed review on brushes at some point and I'm sure the By Terry will be mentioned again! 

Sunday, 7 November 2010

My Current Beauty Routine

So I thought I'd start with what I use currently skincare wise.

To Clean:

Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil From £27

The Shu Cleansing Oil. Quick, easy and removes absolutely ALL make-up. My skin type is pretty normal, maybe slightly more on the combination side, oily t-zone and some dryness. Cleansing with an oil/balm formula is definitely the way to go. Oily, Dry, Combination, sensitive... all of you, just try it. Oil is the best way to clean oil from the skin. Oil on oil= balance. With the added bonus of removing make-up too. 
E.g- with my skin, the oil balances any excess oil on my t-zone, gives any dryness the moisture it needs and gives my skin and all round healthy glow. No tightness, no stripping. Perfect. 
It does come in a few different formulas. The one I use is the classic, which I'd recommend if you're anything like me. However, they do have one for sensitive skin with ginger to soothe, one with green tea for anti-aging, the 'fresh' version for oily skin and the 'enriched' for dryness. They've recently reformulated some of them and have just brought out a brightening formula which smells AMAZING.

So, I use it with...

The Clarisonic Plus. £175.

Yes. It does retail at £175 but you only need one. Brush heads need replacing every 4-6 months and are £20 each. You save more than £20 in products anyway, which I'll explain. 

The Clarisonic is a face cleansing tool which you use with any cleanser you like. I use mine with the Shu Cleansing Oil which I find works nicely with it. The only cleanser people seem to have some problem using with it is Eve Lom, but she has now launched a Morning Time Cleanser which is a thinner formula and comes in a squeezy tube. It is designed for use in the morning (obviously) as a refresher cleanser. Eve Lom is a balm formula which some people find too heavy for morning use and want something quicker and lighter instead. The Morning Time Cleanser contains fruit enzymes which gently exfoliate off any dead skin cells which are on the skin from when it renews overnight. It is not grainy, it does all this by just leaving it on the skin for a few minutes. No muslin cloths required, you put it on, get in the shower, wash your hair or whatever, and in this case, Clarisonic it off. 

I'll explain how the actual machine works.

It's a completely sealed unit, so totally waterproof. Take it in the bath, shower, wherever..
The brush head oscillates about 300 times a second, therefore, removing 6x more make-up than manual cleansing, twice as much dirt and sebum and buffs away any dead skin cells. Pore size is reduced, skin tone and texture is improved, make-up seems to sit better on the skin and you have to use much less of your daily products. That's where the money saving part comes in. I find I have to use about a third less serum and moisturiser, less make-up even. The first time I used it I wore quite a sheer foundation instead of my usual Mineral Power. Brilliant.

It also buffs away and dehydration lines which you may think are fine lines you can't get rid of. Helps prevent further lines appearing, removes pigmentation (Mum's pregnancy mask has gone after 20 years), age spots, helps with a jowly neck, lack of tone and plumpness on the d├ęcolletage, pretty much everything you want/need it to do. 

I'd say it's worth the investment. 

To Moisturise: 

 Nuxe Creme Fraiche for normal skin- Retails at £28

I've used this for a while. It's hard for me to stick to moisturisers because I get so many to try, but I seem to get most compliments when I use this. I've also used the Creme Fraiche Light Balancing Emulsion which was lovely and had more shine control, but I do prefer this one. Morning and Night, 24 Hr moisture is provided. It's flawless! Does what it says and perfect if you just want a lasting hydration which sits well under make-up and doesn't make you shiny. This seems to give me a glow all day and people have commented on my skin so much since i've been using it. And my skin just doesn't get compliments! 


My make-up doesn't sit right without an Eye Cream. I swap and change this quite often but at the moment I'm using 3. Not all at once, but depending on what the skin around my eyes looks like I'll pick and choose.

Just started using this in the morning. Really nice formula and mostly aimed at hydrating around the eyes  which is what I need. The formula has a slight green tinge to it and feels really creamy between the fingers then when applied has a watery slippery feel. Nice.

Wei Mulberry Leaf 3 in 1 Eye Cream £50

I keep this one in my make-up bag. Wei is a brand that uses Chinese medicinal aspects to get great results. This comes out as a white cream, almost balmy. It smooths, de-puffs and brightens the eye area. Can't fault this, perfect under make-up and really does help brighten.

Apot.Care Irido-Radiant Eye Contour Cream- £75

I use this one at night mostly. I did use it day and night for a while but I think I benefited more from sleeping with it on as it's amazing at lightening dark circles and it really does diminish any signs of fatigue. Apot.Care as a brand are all about bringing the radiance back to the skin. To do this it uses red seaweed which is sun dried, and this is something like 550 times more active than vitamin E. Because of this it's more expensive than the others, but it is a high tech range with amazing technology behind it (click here) so I would definitely pay this price.
It really does work, plus it does everything all in one. It targets fine lines, puffiness, dark circles and hydration. Because of the red seaweed, all of the products in the range are orange. The stronger the orange colour in the product, the more active it is. The eye cream has an orange tinge and has a lovely balmy texture, glides on well and the eye area is definitely brightened and hydrated instantly. I can't say what it did for me for fine lines, but I certainly don't have any yet so prevention is looking good, and apparently Cameron Diaz uses it... One to trust!

I'll leave it at that for now, might do body products next or maybe hair. Or both :) 

Saturday, 6 November 2010

First Post

With my job I get to try ridiculous amounts of products. 

So- Why not blog about it?

I know I know, A beauty blog? I've never heard of such a thing?! There are loads, and probably about 3 people will actually read this, but I like to think I've helped inform people a little. I always like to read up on reviews of things before I buy into a new product, so hopefully I'll be able to help you get the most out of your monola. (Oh- too much time spent with Tom. He is my man tester person, so I'll do some men skincare reviews too!)